Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ace Arrives at JLA Headquarters! Planning an Assault!

Ace Chapter 10:

"I'm very sorry to interrupt your train of thought, Master Bruce, but we're almost at the Justice League Headquarters..." says Alfred. The different tone of his voice from Bruce's mono-tone ramblings woke me up. We got out of the car. It seems the JLA is using their old cave headquarters currently.

Walking into the cave, I tried to not think of the horrible things that happened last time they used this headquarters. Then again, that was Justice League Detroit. I mean, the new league can't be any less professional than that.

...Oh, was I wrong. The first thing that cought my eye was Flash with the volume up extremely loud (made worse by my superior dog hearing) on the tv watching...some crazy show with a "very melon" dance. This didn't leave much hope for the new Justice League. Flash has always been the joker though... Let's see what the rest were doing...

"SUFFERIN' SAPHO!" I heard. Oh, good! Wonder Woman's here. Maybe she'll be somewhat profe--"They're having a sale at Sears! I hear they've got some good shoes on sale! Nothing else to do without powers!" Oh, don't tell me she doesn't have her powers! Please don't tell me she's wearing that horrid white costume from the sixties.
She was. Green Lantern... well Hal was knocked out on the floor. *Sigh* This team makes the X-Men seem good. Ah well, better them than nothing. Aquaman's always trustworthy... Oh in he comes... He's the sword of Atlantis version! Great! Better them than nothing I guess, but still... This is looking bad.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Escape the Monsters! Assemble the Justice League!

Ace Chapter 8:

Batman, Robin, Alfred and I get in the Batmobile.
"Alfred! Drive!" commands Batman.
"Yes sir, Master Bruce!" agrees Alfred.
"...So what do you think of that Big O show that airs at 5 a.m. on Cartoon Network?" asks Bruce. "Norman is an obvious rip-off on you; not to mention Dorothy being a Robin-type character. Well, sort of, I mean they're both young wards... if an android can be a ward. I like the mus--ick!"
Bruce's paranoied ramblings are cut short by a thunk on the back of the car. One of those Iron Man looking things, I'm guessing.
"Alfred! Step on the gas!" yells Bruce.
"Right away, sir," agrees Alfred.
"See, Norman's motorcycle would never go that quickly! Anyways, as I was saying, the music is pretty good though... and of course the main character is a rip-off of me! Here's to hoping they don't introduce a-- doggone it, drive faster Alfred! The robot creature is back on the windshield! I'm sure the cops won't mind if we speed a bit! And speaking of cops, that Doston guy is a bad Commissioner Gordon rip--aww, great! Another robot roadstop! Alfred, swerve! Take the backroute!" Bruce rambles. "And as I was saying, that show is just one collossol Batman rip off! It's pretty good quality though. Not like that campy garbage they put out in the sixties of me! I mean, this is a Batman show done right! Superheroes without superpowers! But is that really super-heroes?" Bruce continued to review Big O. Alfred nodded every now and then, but I don't think anyone was really listening to him. "Alfred, are we almost to the Batcave yet?" Robin whined.
"Oh no, Master Tim. We're heading to Justice League headquarters across the country, are we not?" asked Alfred.
"And then of course there's the great film noir style of art! I don't appreciate the changes in the script in season two though. I did like how they dropped the new music they introduced in season two and went back to the season one music though..."
There's obviously no interrupting him... I thought. Maybe I'll take a nap on Robin's lap. After all, this is going to be quite the long drive...

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ace Escapes the Warehouse! Gaia's Minions Attack!

Ace Chapter 7:

As I walked out of what had become a warehouse via Congorilla's amazing powers, Congorilla mind-warped himself back into his original body, trapping the inferior Khaos clone in the warehouse. As we walked out, there was a chaotic battlefield. Giant creatures that looked like Iron Man were reaking havok across the cars. I told Batman to go home and get the batgear and some allies. We were going to fight these creatures, but we were going to need some help. Namely, THE JUSTICE LEAGUE.*

*Yes, there's a JLA in the Heroes United Universe.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Exploring the DCU: Part 2

Well, today's been busy, what with Booster Gold being incinerated by a nucleur submarine attatched to a freakish starfish creature, and all. Yes, Booster Gold was incinerated by a nucleur submarine attatched to a freakish starfish creature. It looked very staged... like he was going to come back the next week, just doing this to get people to think of him as if he were a hero after all, despite his low popularity. Metropolis is just too competitive... which is one of the reasons I'm taking a trip to Khandaq for a while. Yes, Khandaq. I hear it's run by a super-hero, which can't be a bad thing. I wonder what this Black Adam is like...

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Exploring the DCU: Part 1

After a long teleportation flight through the o-zone (not that there's much of one on this earth) I arrived in Metropolis. Deciding that I should catch up on this world's events, I transformed into a normal human and bought a newspaper. The headliner was "Going for the Gold: Supernova Outshines Former Hero!" It read "(Metropolis) The Mysterious masked "Supernova" continues to win the hearts and minds of the citizens of Metropolis with his widespred activities as this city's newest superhuman protectore." Interesting. I wonder who this Supernova s. He's commented on my blog... I scanned down the page. There was another article that went:

Tarnished: Booster Approval Ratings Show "NO CONFIDENCE"
(METROPOLIS) One would think he would have seen this coming. After all, if the stories about him are to be believed, he comes from the 25th Century. Yes following the revolation that most of his recent "brave acts of heroism" were actually part of a huge international campaign, the super hero career of the man known as Booster Gold is in freefal, with seemingly no end in sight.
The now disgraced costumed member of the prestigious Justice League, has seen his approval rating drop to an all time low. In a new survey of 5,000 Metropolis citizens conducted by the Daily Planet, Booster Gold's approval rating has dropped to a meager 2 percent-- a drop of 89 points from his all-time high of 91 percent following his rescue of Flight 2824 just three months ago. Even "Bibbo" Bibbowski, current owner of the notorious roughneck Ace O' Clubs bar in Suicide Slum, rates higher as a hero to the city populace, with a 15 percent approval rating.

Wow. To think that the inhabitants of Metropolis prefer mob bosses over superheroes, albeit shady ones. I'll have to see how bad Gotham is on this earth soon.

Obviously the city isn't taking too kindly to Booster Gold, whoever he is... while this Supernova character's popularity is skyrocketing. I wonder why there was no mention of Superman's popularity.

It's decided.

I'm doing 52. First 52 post is being written as you read this.

For those who don't read 52: 1) You should, and 2) My posts'll be easy enough to understand, even without reading the series.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Still here.

Yes, I'm still here. Just having a creative crisis. The original plan for my current story was to tie-in to my mini-series, like Ralph Dibny, Swamp Thing, and Superman are doing with 52... The only problem is that I don't really think my mini-series represents my character very well. For example, on the last page, I toss some guy off a building... I'm not sure I want to do a sadistic character like that... My next goal was to do 52... but I haven't gotten this week's issue yet, so I might do something that contradicts the issue that just came out. Hopefully I'll decide what I'm going to do soon... I might get stuck in 80's DC, like was originally the point of this blog... Maybe some other time period. Right now, 52 looks hopeful, and it's possible that I'll be one of the captive martians in the latest mini-series... I just don't know. Check back this afternoon for an update.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Final Explanation! Isolated on a New Earth!

J'onn Chapter 10:

"Okay, J'onn, are you ready for the rest of the explanation?" asked the Monitor.
"Yes, I suppose I am." I replied.
"Okay, when last we left off, I explained how you were on a fused Earth, even moreso than the one Alex Luthor made. This time, I will explain what will happen next to you. I'm sad to say that the body you've been in since the Infinite Crisis is a mere android... You've been getting messages from Swamp Thing warning you of this, but he was dismissed as insane by most, however you knew there might be something to what he was saying. These feelings escavated when you were flying through the dimension between earth and the Astral Plane. This weakened your mental barrier, allowing for a being like the Shadow King to posess an accomplished telepath like you. As you exitted the Astral Plane, we began to receive signals that you realised you were a mere robotic J'onn. See, in the Heroes United universe, there was never a true J'onn... Merely one in this plane of existance, the DC universe. We figured the Heroes United would figure something was up (being fused with earth prime, where comics are published featuring you) if an iconic character such as you was missing. So we inserted a spy, which prevented them from suspecting anything. Plus, it allowed us to see this if other dimension was stable enough to support itself, or if it needed another crisis, to fix it's continuity errors... It has done well enough, to escape the need for a crisis.
"Unfortunately, we cannot insert organic matter into the Heroes United Universe, merely synthezoids, such as your former body, and telepathic ideas, such as the idea to create a crisis. And thus, you are stuck here, on the DC earth. We will attempt to find a way to return you, but for now, you are stuck on this earth... I reccomend going down to check on the progress of the current Earth denizens. You see, the Earth here is quite different from the one you've seen before." And so, after agreeing with their wishes, I was sent down, via a teleporter, to a new earth... End J'onn Book 1.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


And now for an interlude... I hope you all are liking the pseudo-psychological technobabble I've been tossing out, as it is necessary for the current plotline, but if it gets a little too over-the-top, be sure to let me know. When this story-line with the Monitors is over... I don't know what I'll do. I have some ideas for Ace, but not really any for J'onn. My liking of the Animal Man comic is showing again, but alas, I can't help it. Does anyone else notice how I never actually do anything in this blog that would ifferenciate J'onn from the average hero? If you replaced all the "J'onn"s with, say "Superman" the whole story would flow just as well. I need to somehow characterise J'onn instead of only focusing on the plot. Oh, and first person to tell me what my titles for the recent posts are a parody of gets a round of applause. End Interlude.

The Monitors' Mission! A Trip Between Dimensions!

J'onn Chapter 9:

My mind began to flow into a new body. Wait! I feel a sensation of Deja Vu! As if I know these people! As if I've been in this body before! It was as if Swamp Thing's talk of him being in an alternate universe might be true.
"Greetings. We, the Monitors, are quite shocked that you have uncovered your true nature. We knew Swamp Thing's meddling in other dimensions would come to no good," stated a Monitor.
"Swamp Thing? I thought it was resolved that he went insane... and that all his talk was delusional?" I questioned.
"Oh no, J'onn, certainly not. That was merely Swamp Thing tiring of your dimension and thinking he had discovered enough, created a mindless clone of himself, did something that would aggrivate your Pantha, that would cause her to inform your "Heroes United" group that he was in a coma, while it was truly just a mindless clone he left behind while excaping.
"You see, Alex Luthor may not have successfully completed the seperation of the earths in our universe, he did in other universes. Much the same as the existance of Spider-Man and co. in another universe is possible. There may be several dimensions in some universes, and there may not, yet there are also divergant universes that feature what may have happened. For example, your most recent universe is a sort of what if the barriers set between the characters in different universes was not existant. Alex Luthor's fusion went far beyond what it was meant to do, and fused all universes, including the now extinct Earth Prime, allowing for what you people call 'out of character' notes, midway through your adventures. You see, I myself am quite shocked that you haven't done many out of character notes, considering your fondness for the Animal Man book."
"Uh... what fondness for what book? I know of Animal Man, but not that he had a book..."
"See, portions of what you type in your "blog", as you call it, are done by you, and other portions by your writer... I know this is a lot to digest, J'onn. Perhaps I should explain the rest tomorrow." Finished the Monitor.
"Yes... perhaps so," said a confused J'onn...