Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm going to be making a Bizarro J'onn character soon, and if any of you are interested in drawing one and posting it on your blog (and alerting me of this action via comments) you will get the honor of seeing it as my avatar, when BJ is made. And (if you want [not you Koma]) you can also join this blog as Sandman (what did Koma do to Sandman? Or do the Bizarros only have Sandman?) or another Obscure Justice League member.

Few will enter, one will win. And participation is optional. I'm not going to send Batman after you if you don't enter or anything.

P.S. Xaviar, what did you think about X-Men 3? I was happy about the scene after the credits. Heh, everyone else left, because they didn't read the description of the movie, which alerted me about the extra scene. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the excess of violence, or the fact that Wolverine got most of the dialogue but Kitty (Ohmigod! and Dickhead! What lines. *rolls eyes*), Magneto (he got quite a few), and Storm (some swearing). But Batman wouldn't let me eat any popcorn. *Whimper* Maybe Alfred'll cook me some. Hm... Bizarro Alfred. Wonder what that'd be like...

Bizarro World.

Well, I used the key to J'onn's house he gave me to get in, then discovered a chalky substance lining the floor. The chalk supports my Bizarro theory. (Koma confessed, he doesn't have him.) When I got home from J'onn's house I found an e-mail, saying "Unless you accepted 23.53 of out dollars yesterday, we am letting J'onn go. We am dropping him in a volcano right now. Because all Martians LOVE fire! And we am taking over yore blogg!" from them. Let's hope J'onn'll fly out of the volcano.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Previous post fixed.

Everything is all better now, that it is. (Kenshin speech pattern to annoy Captain Koma.)

What the--?!?

I modify the template to make it look more personalized while J'onn's away and then suddenly... I get the Absorbascon's late great template. How? I picked a totally different template! WEIRD!

Friday, May 26, 2006

A New Saga Begins!

Okay, so Captain Koma captured the Martian Manhunter and Sandman, and now the remainder of the Obscure Justice League have to rescue them. Can we do it? Find out by following both this blog and Captain Koma's.

P.S. In the tradition of the Martian Manhunter I leave you with a random link to some banned idiot at Toonzone's post record.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

New Polls!

Are you reading mainstream Marvel or DC? I ask because, just trying to get into mainstream DC via 52, Shadowpact, and JSA I am confused about a few things: A) When did Power Girl become the shameless, conciousless, nudity-endorsing, profane creature she is today? I felt traces of this in her '88 mini series but not to the extent of today's Power Girl. B) Who the heck are "Natasha", yet another profane female without a good-influence in her, and Renee Montoya, don't get me started on her. C) Who's Steel? D) When did Lex Luthor become president?

I toss in Marvel for Professor X and Deadpool. Maybe others who have commented whose names I don't remember.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

All you need to know about Martians.

Jeez. This guy knows more about Mars than I do!

Oh Great!

Some jerk who wants to kill me and my team of Obscurians. Well, at least I'm inspiring people into blogging. Maybe I'll get a No-Blog for service beyond the call of duty.

P.S. Mr. Villain, you shouldn't have mentioned your hate of Dragon Ball Z. Now I'll mention it frequently to annoy my arch-enemy! MWAHAHAHAHA! Revenge shall be mine. Hey get that lighter awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..

Most Boring Blog in the World

Tooth the fanfiction.

I'm sure you've all read Tooth the fan fiction of Absorbascon fame. I wrote it and it is available at under DC superheroes. It hasn't been updated for a few months so you may have to go back a few pages.

The iChair

Um.... What an odd April Fool's Day Joke!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Speaking of Looking Back...

I remember this great fan fiction about Dragon Ball Z where Vegeta gets a concussion and flees to Mexico, Bulma steals a fire truck, Yajerobe rides a goat and gets arrested for animal abuse, Mr. Pop creates a giant moth that pokes his eye out, Android Seventeen steals a little girl's bicycle and rides into the sunset, Piccolo gets a rash, puts honey on it, attracts bees which are fried off by Gohan, also killing Piccolo, and a whole lot of other craziness happens. I really wanted to read that story again but can't find it on google. Anyone read it copy it and paste it on their website? Probably not.

Lookback factor.

Anyone else experienced this? It's where you look at the first issue, episode, post, or whatever and compare it to the current issue, chapter, post, episode or whatever and see if they're recognizable. If so are the characters similar? Are they acting differently? Sometimes modern comic writers change the supporting cast or status quo just for the sake of enlarging the differences. Just wondering.

Choking on Sniffs.

When did the sound effect *Choke* change to *Sniff*? I was reading a modern comic and they said *sniff* instead of *Choke*. *Choke* they're tossing away my memories! *CHOKE* CHOKE* *CHOKE*


Profesor X is only at 42? My most frequent Marvel mutant commenter deserves better.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Great H'ronmeer!

I occasionally look into the future in DC's comic books and well, I can't believe Clark married Lois! That and my relationship with Fire. But that's for the next post.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

JLO Blog Dumped.

Their blog will no longer exist from now on. The group's still around but the blog is gone. They will make occasional posts here.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Best Blogs I Can't Read!

The best blogs I don't know how to read are in arabic or something and in Chewbaccan. Just thought you should know. (No there wasn't a point to that entry.)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Choke alert!

Wait the Legion had lockers? I thought they got rooms? Lockers in rooms? What a disfunctional clubhouse! No wonder they gave it to the Subs and moved out!

Future Proty

"Future Status:

Proty II is a member of the Adult Legion of Super-Heroes and has since been adopted by Saturn Woman (SM 165) after a falling out with the overaggressive Chameleon Boy back in 2967 (AD 364)."

Wait, when did this happen? I haven't read any stories past the Adult Legion stories and before Legion of Super Heroes #269. The last I heard he became a photographer and was standing up for Protian rights. Anyone read the issue this happened in? Or was it another one of those Adult Legion false information bits?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Super-Pet Abuse!

Yes you can't escape sadness and pet abuse in comics. Or sexism. Or discrimination against fat people. All of these can be found in Legion comics. For example in the Adventure Comics issue with the Monster Master (or something like that) the Legion says that Bouncing Boy has to stay behind because Saturn Girl is female and will need protection. As they fly away Braniac Five says, "He's jolly and we like him, but his super bouncing power wouldn't do much in this situation." And the Super-Pets! The poor Super-Pets! There have been statements towards them such as, "The Super Pets want to go, but we can't be bothered with them," and "Quit it and changer back to normal Proty! That's an order!" And don't forget about the time Command Kid used smashing Proty I's memorial as a test for membership. And the time Chamelion Boy berated Proty I for playing with the superpets by becoming a diamond. It's no wonder the Protians stood up for their rights in the 2980's, and the Super Pets revolted in a later issue of Adventure Comics! I'm not even going into those two.

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Essence of *Choke*

Does the sound effect choke do anything for anyone. They use it all the time in Superman comics from the sixties and, not to be insinsitive or anything, but it seems kind of ridiculous that they have to create a soundeffect for sadness. You're supposed to read comics for intertainment which means being happy, not sad. I know many Americans have this crazy urge to make others miserable and stuff, but do we really need to reflect that in comics? *Choke* I just had to do that post. And why does *choke*, symbolize sadness? It's just some person (usually Lois) choking. I don't think the average person goes, *sob* *sob* AH MY THROAT! *CHOKE*. (Well, teenaged aggies might choke on that gum they're always chewing but...) Choke is meaningless in all ways and we'd be better off without it. That was really lame.

In other news the battle against surrealism continues at the absorbascon (link in sidebar).

Friday, May 05, 2006


I'm going on strike until I get volunteers for the obscure Justice League. All the member choices, except for Ace the Bathound are available. I've created a Sandman account and all others must be created for yourselves. See you when I get volunteers. Until then, no more posts!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Obscure Justice League

Anyway OJL (Obscure Justice League) is now in the makings with such obscurians (new word?) as Ultra the Multi-Alien, the Legion of Super-Pets (a sub-team), Ace the Bat-Hound (as a member of the Super-Pets), Itty (also in the Super Pets), B'wana Beast, Forager of the New Gods, Geo-Force, Air-Wave, and Mary Marvel. Sorry Corbascide, but Black Canary is more well known than Mary and we needed a female. To give a history lesson: Ultra killed the title Mysteries in Space. The Super-Pets are, well, Super-Pets. What's more obscure and ridiculous? Ace the Bathound is Batman's dog. Itty was Green Lantern's pet whom I have heard much about but never seen. B'wana Beast was in Showcase for two issues then appeared in Animal Man's life. He looks pretty cool. Forager was one of those strange Jack Kirby New Gods creations. I opted for him over Lonar because, no offense to you Lonar fans but he's really got no character or interesting features at all. Forager's got a cool costume. Geo-Force is a member of one of my favorite Super-teams, the Outsiders and was even leader for awhile. Air-Wave starred with Superman Mary Marvel, who is a member of the Captain Marvel family over from Fawcett comics.