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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Exploring the DCU: Part 1

After a long teleportation flight through the o-zone (not that there's much of one on this earth) I arrived in Metropolis. Deciding that I should catch up on this world's events, I transformed into a normal human and bought a newspaper. The headliner was "Going for the Gold: Supernova Outshines Former Hero!" It read "(Metropolis) The Mysterious masked "Supernova" continues to win the hearts and minds of the citizens of Metropolis with his widespred activities as this city's newest superhuman protectore." Interesting. I wonder who this Supernova s. He's commented on my blog... I scanned down the page. There was another article that went:

Tarnished: Booster Approval Ratings Show "NO CONFIDENCE"
(METROPOLIS) One would think he would have seen this coming. After all, if the stories about him are to be believed, he comes from the 25th Century. Yes following the revolation that most of his recent "brave acts of heroism" were actually part of a huge international campaign, the super hero career of the man known as Booster Gold is in freefal, with seemingly no end in sight.
The now disgraced costumed member of the prestigious Justice League, has seen his approval rating drop to an all time low. In a new survey of 5,000 Metropolis citizens conducted by the Daily Planet, Booster Gold's approval rating has dropped to a meager 2 percent-- a drop of 89 points from his all-time high of 91 percent following his rescue of Flight 2824 just three months ago. Even "Bibbo" Bibbowski, current owner of the notorious roughneck Ace O' Clubs bar in Suicide Slum, rates higher as a hero to the city populace, with a 15 percent approval rating.

Wow. To think that the inhabitants of Metropolis prefer mob bosses over superheroes, albeit shady ones. I'll have to see how bad Gotham is on this earth soon.

Obviously the city isn't taking too kindly to Booster Gold, whoever he is... while this Supernova character's popularity is skyrocketing. I wonder why there was no mention of Superman's popularity.


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