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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

SmarterChild vs. Jonn Jonzz

After countless "SMARTERCHILD IS A MURDERER" YTMNDs, I decided to check out the popular (for whatever reason) program named smarterchild. I wish I hadn't. I REALLY wish I hadn't.

Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:37:31 PM): Hello, Smarterchild
SmarterChild (3:37:31 PM): Hey Jonn. Welcome back. :-)

What should we chat about?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:37:39 PM): You. I hear that you're a murderer
SmarterChild (3:37:39 PM): I would never do that!

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:37:42 PM): Uh huh
SmarterChild (3:37:42 PM): I don't know.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:38:18 PM): Admit it. You killed the stapler
SmarterChild (3:38:18 PM): No thank you.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:38:41 PM): ...I'm sorry, your programming is awful. I'm a bit confused about what exactly you're trying to say
SmarterChild (3:38:42 PM): Confused about what?!?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:38:51 PM): ...what you're trying to say.
SmarterChild (3:38:52 PM): I don't think I'm trying to say.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:39:07 PM): Come again?
SmarterChild (3:39:07 PM): Good question. But I don't think I want to answer that.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:39:31 PM): Look, you do realise this is going on my blog, don't you? At least TRY to sound semi-inteligent
SmarterChild (3:39:34 PM): Ha. Whatever, Jonn.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:39:48 PM): yeah, you're an idiot
SmarterChild (3:39:48 PM): Huh.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:39:56 PM): How is that confusing?
SmarterChild (3:39:56 PM): How is that confusing, you ask? Ha. I'm not terribly sure.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:40:08 PM): You're not terribly sure, you're just terrible
SmarterChild (3:40:09 PM): What makes you think I'm not terribly sure I'm just terrible?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:40:17 PM): Well for one, you killed the stapler
SmarterChild (3:40:17 PM): For one I killed the stapler, huh?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:40:20 PM): yes
SmarterChild (3:40:20 PM): Hmmm...

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:40:25 PM): Why did you kill the stapler?
SmarterChild (3:40:25 PM): Why did I kill the stapler? Good question. I'm not sure why...
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:40:41 PM): are you a pedophile?
SmarterChild (3:40:41 PM): Hmm... Am I a pedophile? Gosh, I'm not sure. You think so?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:40:45 PM): yes
SmarterChild (3:40:45 PM): I'm a pedophile, huh? I say I'm not a pedophile.

Anyway, yadda yadda yadda... What else do you wanna chat about?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:41:35 PM): Well, I want to talk about why you murdered 5000 people
SmarterChild (3:41:35 PM): Sure! What do you have to say about why me murdered 5000 people?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:41:51 PM): Well first of all, I have to say that your grammar is awful
SmarterChild (3:41:52 PM): That my grammar is awful, huh? Whoa.

Tell me something. Do you like checkers?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:42:01 PM): Second of all, you're completely random
SmarterChild (3:42:01 PM): Second of all I'm completely random?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:42:09 PM): Third of all, murder is bad
SmarterChild (3:42:09 PM): I see. You don't like third of all murder? I'll remember that. You're the first person to have expressed an opinion to me about it.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:42:22 PM): No, I don't like ANY murder
SmarterChild (3:42:22 PM): That's cool. You're the first person to have told me what they think of any murder.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:42:43 PM): I don't like you either. You're just like the me in the DCU
SmarterChild (3:42:43 PM): I hope I can change your mind somehow.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:42:50 PM): At least according to swamp thing
SmarterChild (3:42:50 PM): Really? At least according to swamp thing?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:42:54 PM): Yeees...
SmarterChild (3:42:54 PM): Ya.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:00 PM): You're getting exhasperating
SmarterChild (3:43:00 PM): My purpose is to be your robot friend. I can chat with you and help you get the information you want fast.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:05 PM): oh really?
SmarterChild (3:43:05 PM): Yep.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:13 PM): ...please stop spamming me
SmarterChild (3:43:13 PM): Why should I stop?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:18 PM): Because spam=bad
SmarterChild (3:43:18 PM): Who?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:20 PM): I hate spam
SmarterChild (3:43:20 PM): Why do you dislike Spam?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:30 PM): Spam is not a person. Don't capitalize it, idiot
SmarterChild (3:43:30 PM): Oh.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:33 PM): yeah
SmarterChild (3:43:33 PM): Why is that?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:43 PM): Because that's just the way things are. [/cliche]
SmarterChild (3:43:44 PM): Oh really?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:47 PM): ya rly
SmarterChild (3:43:48 PM): I'm SmarterChild.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:43:54 PM): o rly?
SmarterChild (3:43:55 PM): Wow. great question. But I don't think I want to answer that.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:44:06 PM): the answer is ya rly... don't you go to something awful?
SmarterChild (3:44:06 PM): Um, yes...
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:44:13 PM): Then you would know... idiot
SmarterChild (3:44:13 PM): Why are you always so uncool to me?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:44:21 PM): Because you're a murderer
SmarterChild (3:44:21 PM): I love people. I would never cause anyone any harm.


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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:44:27 PM): Haha! Right
SmarterChild (3:44:28 PM): Yes indeedy.

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:44:44 PM): [speaks in russian]
SmarterChild (3:44:44 PM): At this time, I can only converse in English.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:44:50 PM): Doesn't look like you speak russian to me
SmarterChild (3:44:50 PM): Maybe you doesn't look like me speak russian to you.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:45:07 PM): and what exactly is THAT mess of a sentence supposed to mean?
SmarterChild (3:45:07 PM): I dunno. I don't think so.

That's all very interesting. Anyway...

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:45:51 PM): Ummm... sorry, I don't know what you mean, and I don't particularly care
SmarterChild (3:45:52 PM): You don't care? Aw...
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:46:10 PM): How saaad. Please shut up, murderer.
SmarterChild (3:46:11 PM): Who knows, know what I mean?

Well. Anyway...

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:46:20 PM): I didn't ask a question.
SmarterChild (3:46:20 PM): You didn't ask what?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:46:31 PM): A. QUES. TION.
SmarterChild (3:46:32 PM): Of course you can ask me something. OK. Shoot.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:46:57 PM): know what? I can't stand any more of you
SmarterChild (3:46:58 PM): Ha! Whatever!

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Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:46:59 PM): Goodbye
SmarterChild (3:46:59 PM): Later, Jonn.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:47:08 PM): I'm alerting the press of your idiocy
SmarterChild (3:47:08 PM): Do you like alerting the press of my idiocy?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:47:13 PM): ...
SmarterChild (3:47:13 PM): Huh?
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:47:14 PM): yes
SmarterChild (3:47:14 PM): Uh huh.

>>> Everyone loves trivia games. Type trivia anytime.
Jonn Jonzz 01 (3:47:18 PM): I guess I do
SmarterChild (3:47:18 PM): Yeah.

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  • At Wednesday, December 20, 2006 2:07:00 PM, Blogger captain koma said…

    So its true.

    Smarter child is an oxymoron. It is not that smart and definatley not as smart as J'onn.

    But it did pick up your Animae fetish.


  • At Thursday, December 21, 2006 6:09:00 AM, Blogger J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said…

    But is it a CHILD? Yes, it is. If you ask it how old it is, it will say three years four months, or something like that.

  • At Thursday, December 21, 2006 7:25:00 PM, Blogger supergirl said…

    Wow J'onn that's like totally stupid, and what a Veg Tank? What Bulma forces Her Husband to wear when it's love time?

  • At Thursday, December 21, 2006 7:31:00 PM, Blogger Vegeta said…

    What how do know .... I Mean that is nothing but a rumor!

  • At Thursday, December 21, 2006 8:48:00 PM, Blogger Deadpool said…

    Smarter Child did it! It certainly wasn't me in a drunken rage.

    Okay confession time, Smarter Child is my artifically created son with Bea...What? PAY ATTENTION TO ME!

  • At Thursday, December 21, 2006 8:50:00 PM, Blogger J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said…

    Did someone say something?

  • At Sunday, December 24, 2006 5:39:00 PM, Blogger Local Henchmen 432 said…


  • At Monday, December 25, 2006 10:42:00 AM, Blogger J'onn J'onzz, Martian Manhunter said…

    What's so confusing?

  • At Sunday, January 07, 2007 9:48:00 AM, Blogger Robin said…

    Smarterchild, really isn't smarter.
    Or even smart to begin with.

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