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Friday, April 27, 2007

J'onn and Space Ghost Vs Godzilla--Part 2

Space Ghost tries to zap Godzilla with his power bands, but misses. I decide to fight Godzilla's ridiculous little sidekick, Godzooky. Godzooky flies around and screams at me. Doesn't seem like he's going to be too much of a challenge. I become invisible, and blow on him with my Martian Breath. He's blown into Godzilla's mouth, where he's choked on for a few seconds and spat out. Godzooky seems out of commission, but Godzilla's as strong as ever.

As is apparent by the above text, I'm in the middle of a battle with Godzilla and his partner. And Space Ghost being intoxicated with pleasure at his show being back on the air isn't helping at all.

Space Ghost makes another blind shot at Godzilla. This time he hits in the eye, which is convenient, because now Godzilla can't see. I blow at his feet with my Martian Breath... but I fail to notice the airport being right behind him. The few planes out were luckily unoccupied, but they're going to be out of commission for quite a while, having been squashed by Godzilla and all. Godzilla realizes that he's overpowered, and runs. Yes, Godzilla runs. I was shocked too. Seems like he's easier to fight than some of the movies make him out to be.

Of course, now I have no way to get home. I'm stuck with Space Ghost in New York... Wait, why do I even WANT to get back home? I hate College Station. I'm going to stay in New York. College Station can find a new governor.


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