Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Post

I've been too busy to post. So sue me. Okay, not really, It's just that nothing's been happening. But something finally happened that warranted a post. The Stapler's Ghost is back. Again. I can't believe this guy is still around. He's such a loser. He was a loser as "The Red Rhino", he was a loser was "The Stapler" and he's a loser as "The Stapler's Ghost". The guy is just such a C-list villain it's amazing. Even death can't make him leave me alone. Though this time he has a friend. Why anyone would want to team up with the Stapler is beyond me, but apparently SOMEONE does. A pretty powerful someone, too. Kang. I seem to remember him taking on that Deadpool guy a while back. I think he was drunk. He is now, too. Apparently they still make alcohol in the far future. But, regardless, he's at my door with... a ghost... What does he even think the stapler's ghost is going to do to help him? Shoot staples at me from beyond the grave?
"Heh he heh... enjoy the staples" Kang mumbled, as he teleported to twenty third century Mexico. So he just LEAVES me here with the Stapler? That's probably the worst super villain team up ever. It lasted all of five seconds.
"Kang, you deserter!" shouted the Stapler. He shoots staples at me in his anger. Of course, I blow them away with my martian breath. This guy is really overpowered without Kang.
"You know what, forget this." whined the Stapler. "I'm going to fight Deadpool or something. The guy had a show on BRAVO, for H'ronmeer's sake. You can't get any more pathetic than that. Maybe I have a chance against him. Maybe I'll put some... some staples in his towell... hope he gets hurt by them or something."
His ghost floated off, ranting about Deadpool and Kang.

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