Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Monday, August 28, 2006

Ace Arrives at JLA Headquarters! Planning an Assault!

Ace Chapter 10:

"I'm very sorry to interrupt your train of thought, Master Bruce, but we're almost at the Justice League Headquarters..." says Alfred. The different tone of his voice from Bruce's mono-tone ramblings woke me up. We got out of the car. It seems the JLA is using their old cave headquarters currently.

Walking into the cave, I tried to not think of the horrible things that happened last time they used this headquarters. Then again, that was Justice League Detroit. I mean, the new league can't be any less professional than that.

...Oh, was I wrong. The first thing that cought my eye was Flash with the volume up extremely loud (made worse by my superior dog hearing) on the tv watching...some crazy show with a "very melon" dance. This didn't leave much hope for the new Justice League. Flash has always been the joker though... Let's see what the rest were doing...

"SUFFERIN' SAPHO!" I heard. Oh, good! Wonder Woman's here. Maybe she'll be somewhat profe--"They're having a sale at Sears! I hear they've got some good shoes on sale! Nothing else to do without powers!" Oh, don't tell me she doesn't have her powers! Please don't tell me she's wearing that horrid white costume from the sixties.
She was. Green Lantern... well Hal was knocked out on the floor. *Sigh* This team makes the X-Men seem good. Ah well, better them than nothing. Aquaman's always trustworthy... Oh in he comes... He's the sword of Atlantis version! Great! Better them than nothing I guess, but still... This is looking bad.


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