Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Friday, March 31, 2006

The long awaited blog career advice part three.

In this instalment I give my fifth tidbit of advice.

5) Update frequently so your readers won't loose interest and never come back.

That was really short. Feel free to suggest more examples. And as you've surely noticed I changed my template in an attempt to make my poll go in the right place. It worked but now the count is stuck at one (from me) because it started over. Ah well.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

On loose ends...

I was reading Manhunter this morning and when he said how mcuh he hated loose ends I realized hw much I agreed. For example look at ANYTHING Gerry Conway's done. Legion of Super-Heroes, Spiderman, Justice League, you name it, the next writer finished it. And it's always the same "I had to work on my TV scripts" excuse. I think he just can't do endings. And look at all those comics that were cancelled midway through the storyline in the 70's. I'm making myself mad now so I have to go. I might turn into another green skinned goliath.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Seeing as I disbanded the Justice League yesterday I need a new job. Badly. And it has to be as John Jones seeing as how no one would hire a Martian. You know Alienists today (today being about 20 years ago of course.) So loving oreos as dearly as I do I checked out their plant and they said they were running low on money. So I told them a secret. The secret that I'm really J'onn J'onzz not John Jones. Remember now, I revealed my secret back in the fifties. But a la Captain America I managed to revive it. Just like him it happened in some obscure comic. One that hasn't been published. Anyway back on topic... I needed money and decided to ask them if being advertized by a Martian would help sales. They said yes. So now I've got a job. Better than poor Katar (Hawkman) Hall though. His secret identity was blown recently and he lost his curator of a museum job. Maybe he could sell birdcages or something. Or become an attorney. You know like Harvey Birdman, the Adult Swim show. They both have wings and are both crime fighters. If it worked for Birdman it should work for Katar. (The pilot for birdman is on the Adult Swim fix on under the Space Ghost Coast to Coast episode: Pilot if you want to learn who he is.)

(Thanks to Corbiscide of for the idea on the oreos.)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Collecting my biography. Part one

Some people at a comic book company have decided to chronicle my life. So I went along and read it and got hooked. So now I'm picking up their deluxe reprint series with the Manhunter in case I need some ammo in my (aborted yet possible to start back up agian) lawsuit agianst them. I also got a lot of Deadman stuff. Well that's all for the Column of Collection. Coming soon, Blog Career advice, part three!


It turns out that my other reader has left the silent majority and has voted for superheroics minus the Justice League. Never one to go against my readers I've decided to disband the Justice League. Also they recently played games with my mind (as you can see in the Bizarro World graphic novel.) So this will now be a Superhero self-entry blog with some blog advice also occasionally tossed in. Well, time to break the news to the Justice League. They were talking of mutiny anyway. Better this than the Justice League Europe they were talking about.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Due to popular request...

from the single one of my three readers not in the silent majority I shall now begin a new feature (continuing from the previous post): What to do if you create a blog.

3) Don't even try to blog unless you have some sort of theme or purpose. Don't just toss together some random stuff or you will be doomed to faliure.

4) Put a link to your blog in the signature of any forums you happen to be registered in. I think it's a law that you do.

Two more soon. Maybe comic related stuff too. Maybe not. You decide!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blog Career Advice

It has come to my attention that three people have visited my blog due to my pluging myself at Dave's Long Box. If you want to start up a blog:
1) Don't do a fictional character diary entry type thing.
2) Plug yourself at Dave's Long Box.

Friday, March 17, 2006


Okay, I changed my mind! No more lawsuit. I'm the leader of the Justice Lague International. I get to boss BATMAN around. He may not like it but what use has a Martian Manhunter for monetary values. At least I'm richer than Blue Beetle and Booster Gold. We also have a few new members to replace the traitor. Hawkman and Rocket Red! Maybe I should cut everyone's salaries and keep the money I would have gotten from the lawsuit for myself. BWA HA HA HA HA!

Copyright Infringement!

<---- No manhunter escapes the lawsuit! I may have come after the first two but still a whole crossover throughout the life of every superhero in existance with ONLY ONE PASSING REFERENCE TO ME BEING NAMED A MANHUNTER! Ridiculous. Some of them may have been Manhunters first but I inspired the popularness of the name! A secret origins of the Manhunters council I heard happened during the event. Was I mentioned? No! I'm suing.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Past

I was warped to earth by Dr. Erdell who disbelieved in his invention so much he had a heart attack when the thing actually worked. For some reason I never thought of trying to use the machine to get back or getting Batman or Superman who could easily fix it.

<-----The fact that I, who came from Mars actually like it better here than on Mars is quite strange and it makes me very mad. This was the origin of me before the crisis. Soon we shall see the aftereffects of that devestating event.

The Newest League

<--- And now we have another League of idiots made of Batman, who was in the other league at the end... Captain Atom, a government spy (you may not know but I read his mind and figured it out long before Blue Beetle, Mr. Miracle and Booster Gold did)... Black Canary who is on the verge of leaving... Rocket Red, another spy, but for some reason he talks like a sixties american... Guy Gardener, idiot... myself, leader... Booster Gold and Blue Beetle the ex-millionaires... and Mr. Miracle, the Stunt guy from an alien world much like our ( I mean Earth's) Hell. Not to mention the money crazed Max Lord and Mr. Miracle's sidekick person, Oberon. It's a good thing there aren't two leagues. I don't think there are any idiots left!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Death of a League

<---We need them not the Detroit group.

Today, Vibe was killed by a robot, Gypsy and Elongated Man quit, and Steel turned out to be a robot. This never would have happened in the old league.

Welcome to Mars!

I am the Martian Manhunter. I shall chronicle the story of Mars and how I came to earth. I shall discuss past (pre-crisis), present (post-crisis), and future (post-Infinite crisis). I may also talk about other things. I am stuck in a timewarp so nothing past '92 has yet occured to me.