Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Friday, August 25, 2006

Escape the Monsters! Assemble the Justice League!

Ace Chapter 8:

Batman, Robin, Alfred and I get in the Batmobile.
"Alfred! Drive!" commands Batman.
"Yes sir, Master Bruce!" agrees Alfred.
"...So what do you think of that Big O show that airs at 5 a.m. on Cartoon Network?" asks Bruce. "Norman is an obvious rip-off on you; not to mention Dorothy being a Robin-type character. Well, sort of, I mean they're both young wards... if an android can be a ward. I like the mus--ick!"
Bruce's paranoied ramblings are cut short by a thunk on the back of the car. One of those Iron Man looking things, I'm guessing.
"Alfred! Step on the gas!" yells Bruce.
"Right away, sir," agrees Alfred.
"See, Norman's motorcycle would never go that quickly! Anyways, as I was saying, the music is pretty good though... and of course the main character is a rip-off of me! Here's to hoping they don't introduce a-- doggone it, drive faster Alfred! The robot creature is back on the windshield! I'm sure the cops won't mind if we speed a bit! And speaking of cops, that Doston guy is a bad Commissioner Gordon rip--aww, great! Another robot roadstop! Alfred, swerve! Take the backroute!" Bruce rambles. "And as I was saying, that show is just one collossol Batman rip off! It's pretty good quality though. Not like that campy garbage they put out in the sixties of me! I mean, this is a Batman show done right! Superheroes without superpowers! But is that really super-heroes?" Bruce continued to review Big O. Alfred nodded every now and then, but I don't think anyone was really listening to him. "Alfred, are we almost to the Batcave yet?" Robin whined.
"Oh no, Master Tim. We're heading to Justice League headquarters across the country, are we not?" asked Alfred.
"And then of course there's the great film noir style of art! I don't appreciate the changes in the script in season two though. I did like how they dropped the new music they introduced in season two and went back to the season one music though..."
There's obviously no interrupting him... I thought. Maybe I'll take a nap on Robin's lap. After all, this is going to be quite the long drive...


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