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Monday, May 08, 2006

The Essence of *Choke*

Does the sound effect choke do anything for anyone. They use it all the time in Superman comics from the sixties and, not to be insinsitive or anything, but it seems kind of ridiculous that they have to create a soundeffect for sadness. You're supposed to read comics for intertainment which means being happy, not sad. I know many Americans have this crazy urge to make others miserable and stuff, but do we really need to reflect that in comics? *Choke* I just had to do that post. And why does *choke*, symbolize sadness? It's just some person (usually Lois) choking. I don't think the average person goes, *sob* *sob* AH MY THROAT! *CHOKE*. (Well, teenaged aggies might choke on that gum they're always chewing but...) Choke is meaningless in all ways and we'd be better off without it. That was really lame.

In other news the battle against surrealism continues at the absorbascon (link in sidebar).


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