Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I'm going to be making a Bizarro J'onn character soon, and if any of you are interested in drawing one and posting it on your blog (and alerting me of this action via comments) you will get the honor of seeing it as my avatar, when BJ is made. And (if you want [not you Koma]) you can also join this blog as Sandman (what did Koma do to Sandman? Or do the Bizarros only have Sandman?) or another Obscure Justice League member.

Few will enter, one will win. And participation is optional. I'm not going to send Batman after you if you don't enter or anything.

P.S. Xaviar, what did you think about X-Men 3? I was happy about the scene after the credits. Heh, everyone else left, because they didn't read the description of the movie, which alerted me about the extra scene. I wasn't exactly thrilled with the excess of violence, or the fact that Wolverine got most of the dialogue but Kitty (Ohmigod! and Dickhead! What lines. *rolls eyes*), Magneto (he got quite a few), and Storm (some swearing). But Batman wouldn't let me eat any popcorn. *Whimper* Maybe Alfred'll cook me some. Hm... Bizarro Alfred. Wonder what that'd be like...


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