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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Super-Pet Abuse!

Yes you can't escape sadness and pet abuse in comics. Or sexism. Or discrimination against fat people. All of these can be found in Legion comics. For example in the Adventure Comics issue with the Monster Master (or something like that) the Legion says that Bouncing Boy has to stay behind because Saturn Girl is female and will need protection. As they fly away Braniac Five says, "He's jolly and we like him, but his super bouncing power wouldn't do much in this situation." And the Super-Pets! The poor Super-Pets! There have been statements towards them such as, "The Super Pets want to go, but we can't be bothered with them," and "Quit it and changer back to normal Proty! That's an order!" And don't forget about the time Command Kid used smashing Proty I's memorial as a test for membership. And the time Chamelion Boy berated Proty I for playing with the superpets by becoming a diamond. It's no wonder the Protians stood up for their rights in the 2980's, and the Super Pets revolted in a later issue of Adventure Comics! I'm not even going into those two.


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