Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Calender Man

When I opened the mailbox, I found a calender. I looked through it. It looked ordinary enough, until I saw a date circled, next Wednesday, with a note written inside it. "THIS DAY YOU DIE!" This could only be the work of The Calender Man.
The following Wednesday, as I left the house, I felt a slice across the back of my neck. Apparently the Calender Man was hidden in my front yard, tossing pages of a calender at me. Does he seriously think I'm going to die from a paper cut?
Using my Martian vision, (really! I have Martian vision!) I found Calender Man rather quickly. Becaming intangible, I went back into my house and grabbed the giant calender Batman gave me from his last battle with Calender Man. I hear the Trophy Room in the Batcave is running out of room. Carrying the invisibly coated calender to the yard, I rolled it up, and swung at the Calender Man, knocking him out. The lengths I go to for comic book irony.


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