Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Friday, September 29, 2006

Exploring the DCU: Finale.

As I landed in the world of what looked to be 1975, I heard a voice. A mocking metalic voice.
"You know my true intentions, Red Rhino, and thus, have been eliminated from the timestream and propelled to an alternate reality." Apparently the Red Rhino has stumbled upon some sort of even more evil being. Pity I'm not in the other reality to deal justice to him.
"We're back in the time I love, when people didn't use incomprehensible slang like 'pawn'd'!" Rants the Rhino.
"Uh... that would be pwn'd." I correct.
"But that doesn't make sence; it doesn't have a vowel."
"Internet slang doesn't follow the rules of grammar."
"See! The internet has taken over our--"
"ENOUGH! We're not in 2006 any more; we're in 1976. There's no abundant internet here, so quit whining!" I shout.
Our bickerring was interrupted by another mental message, this time from the Monitors.
"J'onn, the evil being known as Skeets has sent you back to the Heroes United Earth. We can arrange for you to be sent forward in time if you would like that."
"I would." I replied. I was sent forward in time, back to where I was before this mess started. Back to HU Earth, 2006, and free of that pesky Red Rhino. I was finally home.*

*Yay for cheesy endings!


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