Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Exploring the DCU: Part 5

Talking with Mr. Kent confirmed that he was powerless. Fortunately, he allowed me to use the JLA's personal ship. Right before I began lifting off I thought I heard a distant *thud* on the back of my ship... Must be debris from the take off. I set the ship on an autopilot ship to Mars and kick back and sleep...
Several hours later, I wake up. Apparently we've arrived on Mars, and it's quite different than the dead planet of Mars from my earth. It still has cities and--wait, the ships... they're lifting off of the planet! I watch in awe as the platoons of ships evacuate the planet. It begins to shake violently. Clearly I am seeing the end of th--ugh! I feel a strong whack on the back of my head. I stagger and collapse.
"That was no mere debris that hit the back of your vehicle! No, it was I, stowing away with mere seconds to spare before your ship took off! Now, kneel beneath my feet, Martian! Kneel beneath the feet of--the Red Rhino!"


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