Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Exploring the DCU: Part 4

So, I was to set off for Mars... The only question is: how? I don't have the patience to fly all the way there myself, and no one on this earth knows me. I suppose I could be confused with the other J'onn on this earth... The other J'onn! He must be experienced in space travel!
Our conversation goes as follows:

Me:...So, that's it. I'm a robotic spy from another universe, who wants to explore this one while the Monitors try to get me back to the Heroes United Earth.
Him: You know, the multiverse is like a patch of tomatoes. Endless stems branching off of what seems like a simple enough sphere. All endlessly connected.
Me: *Ahem* That's very deep and all, but might you--
Him: Do we merely exist to be eaten. To be broken apart? Stripped the universe's greatest secrets, like a tomato loses seeds? Do the Monitors have the right to destroy our universe thus?
Me: Well, maybe so. I'd like to see the difference that this universe has had, having more meddling by the Monitors, unlike the other one, which has only been observed...
Him: The Monitors... Why did we need a crisis in the first place? Why do we need temperences with our already fragile realities? Shouldn't the Monitors live up to their names? The Watcher known as Uatu once tried to destroy the Heroes United Universe, but decided for the better not to. Why must the Monitors mettle? I beleive that your universe actually has outdone ours in some areas...
Me: Wait, how did you know about the Watcher incident? I only discovered it recently?
Him: Foolish other me... Did you think I would not notice the subtle hints in your way of speach towards it? I know all... Also: Don't try to hold anything from a telepath.
Me: Oh, and about the space ship...
Him: Yes?
Me: Do you have any?
Him: Go ask Superman.
Me: Is your universe's Superman in the Justice League?
Him: Yes, why?
Me: I mean, when my universe's Superman isn't in the Justice League... it tends to lead to disorganised chaos.
Him: You cut out the heart of a tomato, and it will quickly wither away. Thus is the Justice League. Thus are all organisations.
Me: Well, it's been nice talking to you. Is Superman here, or in the Fortress of Solitude.
Him: He is ripe for the plucking. His powers are gone. I would not know where to find him.
Me: But you just told me to ask him where to find a space ship...
Him: Oh, I'm sorry. I was busy reading your mind. Must not have been paying attention.
With that I floated backword through the wall to escape the madness that lay in continuing to talk to him. Hopefully my knowledge of Superman's secret identity, gained by the Earth Prime fragment of the Heroes United Earth...


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