Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Something's up with J'onn's Monitor Body! What will the X-Men Discover?

J'onn chapter 7:

Meanwhile, back on the Blackbird, a strange substance began to trickle up what we once believed to be J'onn's leg... The temporarily inanimate body began to rise... The period of time between the exhalence of J'onn's soul from the Monitor body was so short that the new host was not noticed by the other occupants of the Blackbird...
As Wolverine walked back he asked the creature, "What's up, bub?"
The creature snapped back, "Do not adress me with such a tone, human fool!"
*Snickt* Out came his claws. He stabbed two of them around the creature's neck. "Listen bub, I don't feel like playing games with you. You may be having some sorta ID crisis, but mine's ten times worse, so quit giving me all this moan-and-groan attitude and self-pity, or this time, you won't get out so easy as last time Shadow King posessed you!"
Last time? thought the creature, Then he knows I am not who I seem to be... Fine, I shall attack this frail human, and demonstrate to him how to respect a superior being such as myself.
"Er... that came ooooowwwwwww!" shouted Wolverine as he was stabbed by a knife the creature in the Monitor/J'onn's body had changed it's hand to.
"Last time you may have escaped my wrath, but this time, THE SHADOW KING WILL DESTROY YOU!"

To be continued...


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