Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Thursday, July 20, 2006

J'onn Returns! Will Superman Save him?

J'onn chapter 5:

As I awakened I felt a pulling on my head. Tendrils were inserted into it and I started to float. A being called the Shadow King had decided to possess me to destroy the X-Men. Cyclops, jerk that he is, wanted to blow me up. With Wolverine's help. So I made him pay. I was about to attack, when suddenly some girl with a Southern accent decided to fight me. So I attacked her. After all, Southern accents bother me. Before I could connect, the one named Rogue grabbed my leg. She drained the power. I was myself again, but at what cost?

Meanwhile Superman was on his way here to help. Those signals I'd been sending out must've been working. He arrived to see the Rogue creature which had absorbed my power fusing with Carol Danvers, known to some as Warbird, and also a metalic X-Man named Colossus. So, naturally, thinking that they had captured me, which was more or less true, he began to fight. As he hit Rogue, Warbird flew out of her. About then I woke up to see Rogue choking Warbird. The Shadow King had entered her. I had had just about enough of this chaos! Wolverine was rambling about Hydra and some father or somthing, and Colossus was still fused with Rogue somehow. So I shapeshifted into a fluid-taker and injected myself into Rogue's back while she was choking Carol. I then dumped the Shadow King poison into a random rock, which I blew far away with my Martian breath. The threat of the Shadow King was over... for now.


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