Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ace Conforonts Khaos! Who is he Anyways?

Ace Chapter 3:

"No... I've heard rumors of you... but I never thought you were real! It's really Khaos!" I tried to say. It came out "Woof bark yelp howl!"
"Ah, but he is real. Soon, not only will the Watchers be gone, but so will all non-Marvelous creatures. Then Khaos will destroy the Marvelous ones in one fell swoop. Genious, no?" raved Sinister.
Just then Batman broke in!
"Robin, toss a Robinrang* at him! Alfred, you can tell Congorilla to come in now!" Batman yelled at Alfred through a walky-talky and Robin in person. Oh, and did I mention that Congorilla and I are old friends? He can switch bodies with anyone at will**, so I figure he could swap with Khaos to prevent Khaos from destroying us all.
"What's taking that 'Gorilla?" whined Batman. Will he arrive in time? To be continued...

*A parody of the Batarang.
**in this universe


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