Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Friday, July 14, 2006

Ace Faces Peril! Is he also a Synthezoid?

Ace Chapter 2:

When I finally woke up, I was on a table.
"Analysation, complete." spoke a robotic voice.
"Greetings, Ace, pet of Batman!" said a mysterious pale faced man.
"Bark! Woof! Howl! Yelp!" I spoke clearly. In English that would be "Who are you and what do you want?" What? Alfred practically raised me on cheesy movies.
"I am Mr. Sinister. You shall soon know the true meaning of terror, as you gaze upon..." he lifts the curtain off a machine, "KHAOS!" The machine began to vibrate. The Stryfe being cackled menacingly in the backround. A creature beyond discription came from the machine. "N-no... It... it can't be... not... you!"

Meanwhile Batman had arrived, using the tracking device.
"Alfred, you stay in the car. Robin, we're going in!"


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