Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ace Begins a New Story-line! Paleface Man Attacks.

Ace Chapter One:

I was sleeping silently when J'onn slammed the table for no real reason. I ran out the door and saw a living computer. Interesting... very interesting... Anyway, she's J'onn's problem/help. So I kept running to my doghouse and met up with a creature which looked like a mix between several mutants. It grabbed me by the collar! Again, I yelped. He did not listen. "I will eliminate all creatures not of the Marvel Universe," he said. Marvel? What is he talking about? Does he mean all non-marvelous creatures will be eliminated? As in boring? Or does he know something I don't about the layout of the Universe? I attempted to ask him what was going on. "Woof, bark, yelp, bark, bark!" I howled. No responce. I'd better call Batman on my-- *SMASH* The signal device broke. Now what, I wondered. No Batman-- J'onn! I turned my head to see a car with him inside driving off. No idea what to do... Then the blood began to flow from the wound I recieved when the mutant pounded me. I'll accept help from anyone! Even... Swamp Thing! He's been raving about reality a lot recently. Could he be behind this? No, he may be a little kooky, but he's still a hero. They don't let just anyone join Heroes United. Err... wait, isn't Captain Koma in there? And the Local Henchman? And Magneto? And Lindsay Lohan? I'd hate to see a meeting of them... Then I collapsed from blood loss. To be continued...


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