Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Monday, July 10, 2006

New Story Begins! Hop on Now or Forever be Lost!

Okay, I decided to start a new storyline here. Well, three actually. I've only decided on two so far though... Okay, so J'onn will be traveling across the country on a search for Captain Koma. Ace will be fighting Mr. Sinister, and Bizarro J'onn will be providing filler, until he gets something better to do. Sound good?

Okay, here we go.

J'onn Section: Chapter One: The Search Begins.

I slammed my fist on the table in anger. Ace woke up, yelped at me and ran out the door. I sighed. I had to go after Koma. But would it do any good? Magneto's out of prison and Henchman has gone on an arson streak so if I leave the house alone it could be burnt down... nah, Ace and Bizarro J'onn will protect the house. How did I get Bizarro J'onn to be my friend anyways? It just... happened. Anyways the forces of evil are still strong. I'll need friends... Powerfull friends. I wonder if the JLA still hate me because I disbanded them... Oh, what about that loose knit band of losers, the Obscure Justice League! Will they work? No, there's a reason they were forgotten... How about my original Justice League pals? We could get Hal and O-- *Knock Knock*
"I'll get it!" I said. It's not like Ace or Bizarro was going to get it...
"Hello, J'onn," said the visitor. Who was he? Find out soon.


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