Life and Times of the Martian Manhunter

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Transcript Arrived! Manhunter Appologizes for Delay!

Cue Space Ghost theme song: Greetings, I'm Tanzer and tonight we have a very special guest tonight on Ghost Planet. George Lucus.

Space Ghost: Greetings Citizen and Welcome to the Show.

Zorak: You won't like it.

Space Ghost: Shut up, Zorak or I'll bang you up the

*Moltar hits Please Stand By Button*

Space Ghost: What did you do that for? I thought you were done being religious! Supervillains can't be religous. They're... villains!

Moltar: Let's just get on with the show.

Zorak: How did we persuade George to get onto this show anyway?

Space Ghost: What does that word mean, "Persuade"? I think I like it! "Hold it villain or I'll Bng you

*Please Stand By*

Space Ghost (continuing sentence from above) with my persuado-ray (Patent pending)."

*Television Swivles Down!*

Space Ghost: Greetings George! How do you like it on Ghost Pla... Wait a minute! You're not George! You're some wannabe Space Ghost!

Martian Manhunter: What? I'm on? But... Excuse me for a second...

*Leaves set*

Martian Manhunter: Gr.... I thought their intro was going to go on longer! Oh well, maybe they didn't realize I've been secretly masquerading as their guests. Maybe those retired naval officers will still think their hero is actually hosting the show! Maybe that camera is off and not blowing the secret of this show's merchandizing. Nope. Definately on. Looks like its time for another one of those "Cancelled Show" episodes. They do way too many of those.

*Goes back on set*

Martian Manhunter as George Lucus: Hey Space Ghost! I got held up in a closet by some jerk name Megatron* trying to make me put him in Star Wars Episode I** but the Martian Manhunter rescued me. ***

Space Ghost: Shut up, Lucas! This show isn't Gerge Lucus : Coast to Coast! It's SPACE GHOST Coast to Coast. So did you go to SPACE GHOST CON '97? I heard you were some sort of Star Trek

Manhunter as Lucus: Star WARS.

Space Ghost: Right. Star Ponies. I hear you're working on Space Ponies Epsode CII.

Manhunter as Lucus: No it's Star Wars and we started over at Episode One because we thought prequals were hot.

Space Ghost: That's nice but I really don't care. Hey where are Zorak and Mol

*Space Ghost is slammed in the head with a chair by Zorak then melted to pieces by Moltar.*

*Fire Spreads to elsewhere in building and kills Martian Manhunter.*

Credits roll with sidebar showing the funeral of Space Ghost and the Martian Manhunter and short scene as follws.

Zorak: So I guess the show is cancelled?

Moltar: No. We get Moltar and Zorak: Coast to Coast.

Zorak: Yes! Evil always triumphs! Mwahahahahaha!

*Do a search on Megatron the Maniacal to understand the joke.

** Remember this happened in the mid-nineties.

*** That's a fabrication. I'm George Lucus in this interview.


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