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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Advice Needed... AGAIN!

I really need to get some sort of purpose on this blog. The spur of the moment, whatever I'm angry about stuff isn't working anymore. Indivduality is needed... badly. Maybe I could be another of those reviewing old comics blogs, but I already do that on "What Classic Comics Have You Read Recently" Thread on Comic Book Resources Forum. Hm... Maybe I'll talk about the joys of oreos. Or what the other leaguers have been doing since I disbanded the *CRASH* What happen? The ceiling* is falling. Maybe somebody set up us the bomb! I turned on the news and it turns out the aliens have conquered Australia and are now attacking the swamp to which I felt like moving! Got to go destroy them now. Read Invasion (from the late eighties) to find out how this concludes (in the DC world not the real DC world.)

*How do you spell ceiling anyway?


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