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Friday, June 30, 2006

Satirical Vibe Appearance!

I woke up in the X-Men's plane... I did that stereotypical scene where you jolt up out of bed and ask what's going on and where I was. As I was being frozenby Iceman in attempt to reduce burns, he explained that I was burned by Pyro and the X-Men had found and rescued me.

Suddenly the plane caught on fire.

"Jene!" I heard Cyclops yell.

Then suddenly Vibe flew down from the sky!

"Hola, meng! What chu doing?" He street talked.

"Um... Isn't Vibe dead?" Iceman asked.

"Meng, teh Vibe will nevah die! He's a legacy that just ain't gonna stop!" Vibe said.

"Vibe, defeat Pheonix!" I ordered.

"Vibe ain't no alien's play toy!" Rambled Vibe. "Vibe will do whatever Vibe wants."

"Vibe, I lead Justice League Detroit! I will order you around as I please!" I yelled.

"Meng, I'll kill Scottsdale--"


"Whateva, meng!"

And the fight began. Vibe vibrated her until blood began to trickle down her face! She descended to the ground, dead!

"Victory!" Chanted Vibe.

"No, Vibe, you were only supposed to subdue her."

"What the !#@$ ever, meng!"

"Jean! No! Jean! No. No. No." moans Cyclops as he breaks down on the floor.

How is Vibe alive? What was I thinking when I wrote this? Will anyone ever referrence to this post? Will Cyclops have a mental breakdown? Find out on the Heroes United set of blogs! Particularly Mr. Fixit's, Professor X's, Magneto's, Koma's, Wolverine's, Pantha's and Tx's.


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